Berita Lain

A campus orientation program is provided for all freshmen of the university and is regulated in Government Regulations Surat Edaran DIKTI No.253/B/SE/VIII/201. Information about the study program is provided in the Campus Orientation Program for Freshmen organized by the University, Faculty, and the Study Program. In these activities, students are introduced to students’ rights, and obligations as higher education students, materials on university services, academic regulations, student organizations, and teaching staff in the study program. Freshmen are also provided with campus tours to familiarize themselves with classrooms and other facilities on offer. These new students are also provided with a soft skill training aiming at preparing students with the attributes for their future jobs, including strategic ability, communication ability, psychological ability, interaction ability, successful study in higher education (good academic practice), growth mindset and career development, student ethics, mental well-being, and character building. The materials address those attributes by comprising entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, and success skills into the training module. The soft skills training is guided by the students’ soft skills guidebook.

Further, to cope with the 21st century demands for the mastery of ICT skills and ability to produce academic writings, The national regulation regarding the compulsory scientific publications for bachelor, magister, and doctoral students asserts that all university graduates to publish minimum one article in an academic journal for bachelor degree, in a nationally accredited journal for Master graduates, and in an internationally accredited journal for Doctoral graduates. Rector Regulation No. 6/2020 aims at recognizing the students’ academic articles as part of their learning. To support students in developing their academic writing skills, the university provides students with both academic writing training for the freshmen in the form of the ICT training conducted in two days at Student Internet Service, UPT Pusat Komputer, UNY with the aim to familiarize students with the digital academic information system and e-learning used at UNY. For further information related to these training, students can refer to their academic guidebooks, anti plagiarism and pocketbook.

To support students’ skills in English, through Rector Regulation No. 1/2019 , UNY requires students to obtain a TOEFL score minimum of 500 for English education bachelor degree students, 550 for English education master degree students, 450 for linguistics master degree students, and 475 for doctoral degree students. A Protefl test (TOEFL-based test) is conducted to check on students’ English proficiency. Students with below-standard scores are given English training at the Language Center until they meet the required standard. The language center also provides language translation and thesis draft language editing services for students. The academic advisory service is mainly provided by the students’ academic supervisors while other services like psychological counseling is provided by Guidance and Counseling Service Unit, which can be done both through face-to-face consultation and online consultation. Future careers and work opportunities service is provided by the Career Centre, fitness and physical well-being service is provided by Sports and Health Centre, ICT-related service is provided by the ICT Centre, and service for international student visas and staying permit is provided by the International Office. During the Freshmen Orientation program, all students are informed about these units and further information can be accessed through the university website.

Students express themselves through a variety of student organizations which are available starting from the study program level up to the university level. Besides, there are 39.student activity units to choose from in the fields of reasoning, sports, arts, well-beings, and special fields.