To support students’ internet access, the students are given a student email id ( as their official email address and serves a Single Sign On (SSO) to access, among other things, Wi-Fi, UNY-related sites (e.g. siakad, lecturing attendance), computers, as well as library and e-resources. A student card is also given that can also be used to get other benefits from other UNY facilities such as student rates from UNY hotel and swimming pool, discounts from UNY stores, etc. Computers with internet access are also available for use in the libraries, computer laboratories, and ICT Centre. ICT-support is also provided for students and staff in the ICT Centre. Year 2017-2020 survey shows that most students are very satisfied with the university’s ICT services (average score 3.51). With these results, however, the university keeps on maintaining the good services and currently provides wifi connection in 224 strategic points which covers 100% of the campus area. This provision is to ensure all students have access to the internet whenever they are in the university area.