A Small Step for A Big Change

FBS - Karangmalang “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” (Malcom X) The quote has inspired me to take a first step towards the future that I have been designed since then. My name is Rofifatul Hanifah. I am currently in the 4th semester of English Education, Yogyakarta State University. I am proud to be part if this department. Being here means I have gotten a golden passport. I can improve my passion and ability in English. I can meet great people and remarkable organizations. I can at least start a little effort to make education in Indonesia become better. Those initial steps take me to a lot of wonderful achievements.

I join 2 organizations in Yogyakarta State University. Those are English Department Student Association (EDSA) and Research Student Activity Unit. I have become the member of both organizations since my freshman year. In EDSA, I am a staff of Applied English Development Division. It is in charge of academic matters. We have some programs like Debate and Writing Competition, EDSA Mengajar, and Cross-Cultural Understanding. I am glad that EDSA teaches me on how to be a leader, a member, an educator, a volunteer etc. Here, I learn a lot about respect, responsibility, and other social skills. On the other side, Research Student Activity Unit challenges me to think critically and scientifically. In this organization, I am a part of Human Research Development Division. It is my first time of entering the world of research. I'm a beginner, so I'm not so familiar with this field, but I keep trying in order to compensate for friends who already have a myriad of experiences. 

During my studies, I have won several competitions in some different fields. First, in the scientific writing competition, I got 2nd winner of FIPER in Surabaya State University on 20th October 2018, 2nd winner of Hikmah Media National Competition in STKIP Al-Hikmah Surabaya on 23rd November 2019, and 6th winner of Al-Himah Undiksha Competition in Ganesha University of Education on 30th March 2019. Second, in the field of essay writing, I got 3rd Winner of English Festival in Diponegoro University on 6th – 7th September 2019 and 3rd winner of National English Competition 8 in Medan State University on 6th March 2019. The last is in the field of video competition, I got the favorite video category of NESCO Video Competition in Gadjah Mada University on May 2018 and 3rd winner of PEACE in Yogyakarta State University on 13th August 2018. In addition, now I am waiting for two of my writings that are in the process of being journalized. Most of the achievements I have attained are related to education, such as making English learning media for early childhood.  

This article is written based on the track record I have carved. I have a big hope for turning Indonesia into a better place especially in the field of education that I am fighting for. That hope will surely come true someday and will certainly bring goodness for the next generation. Changing something that is already strong is not as easy as snapping fingers, it takes a long process and strong determination. Therefore, I will try hard to realize every single thing that I dream of.