A General Lecture on “Some Aspects of The History of English” By Prof. Yoshitaka Kozuka, Ph.D.

FBS - Karangmalang On Thursday (March 15th, 2018) English Education Study Program held a general lecture, specifically targeted for the sophomore students. This lecture brought a theme "Some Aspects of the History of the English Language" which was presented by Prof. Yoshitaka Kozuka, Ph.D. from Aichi University of Education.

Held at Room Seminar PLA 3rd floor, this general lecture began at 08.30 and was declared open by Dr. Maman Suryaman, M.Pd., the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of Faculty of Languages and Arts, Yogyakarta State University. He gave an opening speech in which he expressed his hope towards the sustainability of the cooperation between Aichi University of Education and Yogyakarta State University. He explained that currently both institutions were actively engaged in a mutual cooperation both in the academic and cultural affairs.

On his lecture, Prof. Kozuka vividly illustrated the history of the English language from time to time. He presented that the history of the English Language could be divided into four parts: Old, Renaissance, Modern, and Present English. In further, he also explained the differences and similarities between Old English and Present English in details. This topic raised the interest of the students since so far they have not got a specific class on the history of English language. They stayed tuned and attentively listened to the Prof. Kozuka lecture.

After the lecture, students are given chances to ask questions. There were many students who raised their hand asking for a chance to deliver a question(s), however since the time allocation was limited only some were allowed to address their question(s). Eventually, the event finished at 11.00 and continued with taking pictures together with the speaker (Faisal & Mahripah, PBI UNY)