Workshop on Multimedia-Enhanced Learning Materials Development

FBS - Karangmalang Friday (04/05), PPM PBI FBS UNY team held a Multimedia-Enhanced Learning Materials Development Workshop program for Junior High School English Teachers. The workshop was attended by 30 participants from various schools in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta and declared open by the head of English Education Department, Mr. Sukarno, M.Hum. The workshop discussed the importance of using multimedia-based learning materials for English instruction at schools. It also discussed the potential benefits of incorporating multimedia into instruction such as to create more challenging academic atmosphere into students’ learning, enrich the students’ learning experiences, facilitate the students’ different learning styles and strategies, enhance the students’ autonomous learning, and many more.

The workshop was scheduled to be held concurrently on May 4 and May 14, 2018. The event on the first day (04/05) was divided into several material sessions, 1) ‘Learning Materials Development under the 2013 Curriculum Framework and Developing Communicative Tasks’,presented by Suharso, M.Pd., 2) ‘Multimedia-Based Learning Materials Development’ delivered by Siti Mahripah, M.App.Ling., and Sari Hidayati, MA, and eventually 3) a group work activity for developing multimedia-based learning materials coordinated by Ella Wulandari, M.A. The expected output of the workshop was a multimedia-based learning materials. The results of the group work would be presented by the participants, after getting feedback from the speakers. The revised version of the developed materials ought to be presented by May 14, 2018. Overall, the workshop went smoothly with the active participation of the teachers during the workshop.